Stress and acne in adolescents: What can you do?

teenacnedepressiongirlStress has pretty much become a big part of daily lives today. As difficult as it is to manage stress, if you have acne, it can get a lot worse if you don’t find a way to do so. Stress can cause your acne to flare up, and acne can cause your stress levels to spike. So stress and acne can actually form a vicious circle. And I am not speaking only of severe acne; even mild acne can be quite a disabling and acne affects millions of people all around the world… but teenagers are usually hit the worst.

Acne is the last thing you want as a teen. You are already self-conscious, low on confidence and feeling awkward. In many cases, acne can have some serious psychological implications in adolescents. At a time when teens are looking for social acceptance, acne can make them stand out like a sore thumb and start on a downward spiral. Millions of adolescents are pushed into the deep dark world of depression and psychological problems by acne.

Kids with severe acne can be dragged into a depression so deep that the thought of suicide is not unthinkable. It was previously thought that some acne medications can cause suicidal tendencies in acne patients. However, according to one recent study, the acne medications may not be the culprits after all.

The survey study conducted in Norway concluded that severe acne can cause suicidal tendencies. Among the 3,775 teens between the ages of 18 and 19 years studied, girls with severe acne were more than twice likely to entertain the thought of suicide. This number was increased to three times in boys.

The findings of the study are quite alarming, especially if you are a parent with a teen who is suffering from acne. It’s important to make sure that you are taking every step possible to help your child get through this difficult phase of her/her life. You have to understand that unlike many other conditions, acne is not something that has one solution that works for everyone. Also, the emotional and psychological implications of acne are more troubling than a pimple here or there. As a parent, you should approach the acne of your kid with a rather holistic view. Try to help him/her to deal with the situation physically as well as emotionally.

Acne and depression go hand in hand

Acne and depression are codependents in many cases. Treating both conditions is crucial.

If the acne is severe and you simply can’t seem to manage it with the over-the-counter treatments or special kits like you can find on www.moveonacne.com, then you need to seriously consider taking your child to see a dermatologist. Many prescription medications can do just the trick and prevent future flare-ups. This might be what your child needs to pull themselves out of the hole and get on the right track emotionally and physically.

If your child is feeling depressed, seeking professional help can always help. Try taking him/her to a psychiatrist, psychotherapist or even a counselor. There are many tools in the arsenal of a mental health professional that can be very helpful. Some of the suggestions that your mental health professional may give include:

  • Trying out cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Counseling both one-on-one or in group may help
  • Anti-depressants may also help if nothing works

Depression is a severe mental disorder, and it should never be taken lightly. Especially if there are suicidal thoughts. It is important to be proactive and look out for such symptoms in your children if they are suffering from acne. Treating acne is a process that requires a lot of physical as well as emotional support that can be only provided by family and friends. Try and be there for your kid and assure him/her that this is just a phase, and you are there to help them get through it.

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