…and just when you think we have forgotten you all we come back again. It’s like hangover, some of you maybe be familiar with it. So here’s the case: MCF will be playin’ at English Pub this saturday (11th of Aug). It’s a short notice but we hope most of you can get your asses there! Also some gigs planned, more info about that later on.

Some new pics added. Also a special greeting card from Renton of MCF for all whom the beer bells tolls. [Click] (Credits to Ville Kaartamo)

Rock’n’roll people! The album Hair of the Dog is now available internationally, just click on this link to the sonata arctica webshop and get yours. Jep!

Cheers mf’s! We released our album “Hair of the fucking dog” and it’s now available through the website or at our shows. It will also be for sale at the sonata webshop any day now, for those of you who live outside of Finland. We have a distribution-deal in Finland with supersounds music, so you should be able to order it through your local recordshop if they don’t already have it. Blah, this shit looks boring, anyway the main point is that there’s no more fucking excuses for not buying the ass-spanking album!

On the live front we’ve done some shows, namely in Rovaniemi, Kemi & Kokkola and next up is Hevimesta@Helsinki on December 9th. We’ll of course post any upcoming gigs here as soon as they’re confirmed.

Stay classy!
Ron Burgundy

We finally got some merchandise for you guys. The logo is the same as the forthcoming album logo but in B/W colors and can be seen on merch section. For now we can only deliver in Finland area.

Yo! Our next album is called ‘Hair of the Dog’ and it will be out on November 15th in Finland. Distribution details will be announced at a later point. We’re also playing a couple of shows, check the gigs department for details. Cheers, Lance

Fuck Yeah ! just when you thought we were dead & gone and the earth finally got rid of the plague that is MCF, we announce our next album release you suckers ! Our second album is ready and will be released before the end of the year, we will also play some shows in our native country. The album title and release-date will be revealed shortly (=bef.the end of the fuckin’ month). We’ll also let you know our few shows as soon as they’re confirmed.Jep. The mighty gospel of the booze will march on, never stop, never die and never wither, so while I’m cleaning up my liver for the next binge,

I remain, In Rock, Rev.Lance & the boys

And some techical stuff. It seems that the forum has been down for sometime and now we are looking for new one. So if you’re willing to offer us one or even better, do us one, we will surely appriciate it. Just contact the band for more info.

So you’ve maybe noticed that our webpages were down for sometime, and ok, some of you already figured it out: Instead of paying the domainbill we were out doing jäger-shots, shitloads of beer and pissing ourselves. However the good hangover-fairy stepped in and fixed the glitch. I also tried to write the studio-diary but it’s all just shattered memories…beercans flying through the window…a masturbating cat…and a yellow snow-man doing riverdance on the table at 06:00 in the morning.

None of the other guys remembered anything more significant than that: A drunken worm coming out of someones nose, the ghost in the toilet calling for strippers, a 1920’s riverboat with nothing but chocolate on it…and a couple of more things that you could get sued mentioning. So, no studiodiary , at least not for now….maybe it will pop up later if we get some flashbacks from that wierd period of our lives. Were we even there ? Ok, that’s enough !

So in conclusion: the website is back online …and yeah I got ordained.

Cheers, Reverend Lance Thruster

Rok & Beer! While we’re shopping for a deal, all you mf’s out there can listen to one of the new tracks and get wasted with a hard-on! No reason to thank us, you’re so fuckin’ welcome! Cheers!


The MCF dudes, have completed the recordings for their second album. It was a fuckin’ inferno once again. Soon you can read about it in the short studiodiary. The music has changed a bit from the first album, to a more manic form of expression.

The maniacs are currently writing, drinking & demoing new stuff for their 2nd album, which will be faster, heavier and louder!!


Some reviews added. The debut album also availeble. Check out the local dealers.


Alcohol Anthems will be released in North America by Crash Music Inc and in Finland by Low Frequency Records . The release date is 17th May 2005.

Also good news for fans of MCF. Llimited edition of t-shirts are available now. You can order them at merch section.

The guys of MCF secured a deal with Low Frequency Records and the debut album called Alcohol Anthems has just been mastered and will be released sometime during the spring of 2005. Band also shot a new music video for “Alone” and it will be released about the same time as the record hit the stores. Biography also updated. Stay tuned for more information.

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